Intelligent water shut-off device

  • Smart water safety device for properties
  • Smallest product dimensions on the market
  • Plug & Play installation
  • Measures water usage, temperature and pressure
  • Detects water leakages down to 0.01 l/h
  • Wireless communication using Wi-Fi
  • Certified as approved water leakage protection device





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CubicSecure – next generation of water security products, the CubicSecure. 

Fully packed with the latest water security technology, yet the smallest design on the market. We are happy to launch the CubicSecure, a water shut-off device monitoring water flow, pressure leaks and temperature. Connected with WiFi and LoRa and pairing functionality with other CubicSecures or other smart units. The unique pairing functionality enables the unit for usage not only in detached housing, but also in apartments as it works on both hot and cold water. Finally, the CubicSecure protects your home from any kind of water leaks, from dripping to broken pipes.

Next generation of water safety

Quandify have taken a technical leap in the development of the CubicSecure. Utilizing our expertise precise in water metering and applying the latest IoT-technology Quandify can present a water shut-off device very high precision, enabling monitoring of both water usage and all kinds of water leaks. If a water leak is detected, the intelligent meter automatically turns off the supply of the water and mitigate the damages.

Smallest design on the market

The CubicSecure was designed not only with water leakage functionality in mind, but also to enable an easy installation everywhere. With the smallest design on the market, and filled with the latest technology, CubicSecure is not only developed for detached housing, but also apartments. The units is developed with pairing functionality, so two units can be connected to each other and therefore can be used on both hot- and cold water simultaneously. If a leak is detected on either hot- or cold side, pairing-functionality will turn off both units at the same time.

“CubicSecure inspires with its compact, reduced design and offers a wealth of smart functions to protect the home from water damage.”


Other functionalities

CubicSecure comes packed with functionality. If not connected, the unit works stand alone with its intelligent monitoring, constantly protecting your home from potential water leaks. It performs continuous pressure-tests to make sure your systems stay healthy, monitors temperate of both water and temperature to avoid your system to freeze. With the unit CubicSecure connected, we empower further functionality for you to interact with the unit. Monitor your water consumption, pressure, temperature but also remotely open/close the valve, so you’re always in control.

New regulations for water leak detectors and water usage

Water damage is a major problem area all over the globe, costing insurance companies and houseowners billions of € each year. In Sweden, new regulations entered into force on 1 December 2021 and CubicSecure has been designed to comply with these. Since earlier, regulations all over the globe in order to conservate water usage are in effect, promoting usage of units that increase water usage, and the CubicSecure goes very well in line with such regulations. Quandify’s mission is to create water awareness, and the CubicSecure is a step towards a more sustainable usage of water.


Additional information

Weight 0.720 kg
Dimensions 11.0 × 85 × 71 mm

Micro-leakage detection:

>0.5 bar pressure loss (approx. 0,01 l/h)

Medium leakage detection:

>6 l/h for at least 45 minutes

Large leakage detection:

>1500 l/h for at least 90 seconds


height: 85 mm, width: 71 mm, length: 110 mm



Start flow rate

6 l/h

Maximum flow rate:

3000 l/h

Pressure class:


Water temperature range:

Hot and cold water, 0.1 °C … 70 °C

Thread connections:

G20 Eurocone external thread (DN20)

Pressure drop (Kvs):

4,6 m3/h

Power supply:

5VDC 2A Power supply, micro-USB cable (EU-plug), 1m cable