The future of water is wireless, automated and digital.
Promoting zero-waste and eliminating leaks,
all coordinated by intelligent cloud computations.
The smart way to take control over your water.

We’ve worked with some of the best.

Creating Awareness

We believe that water should receive the attention that it deserves. We use it and abuse it without realising it. With dramatically disruptive technologies, we enable water measurement in ways never seen before.
We are Quandifying water to create awareness.

Sneaky Leaks

Our devices are equipped with next-level hardware that captures even the tiniest flows. Together with superintelligent software, leaks can't hide anymore.

The result?

Using our sophisticated systems, the average user lowers their water consumption with up to 40 % while protecting their homes from leak damages. Save while you pave the way for a more sustainable tomorrow.

The CubicMeter

Turn on Clamp-on

The CubicMeter was made to be unparalleled in all aspects. The sensor leverages ultrasonic vibrations for non-invasive metering and extreme installation speed.

It's Exact and that's a Fact

Having gone through and passed some of the world's most exhaustive regulatory tests - this unit is a true specimen. You can expect accuracies up to 98 %.

Leaks and consumption, easily Quandified.

One size fits all

The CubicMeter works on plastic and copper pipes with outer diameters between 15 - 25 mm.

Truly wireless with a battery life of up to 10 years and connectivity through both LoRaWAN and Wireless M-Bus.

The CubicSecure

Tiny and Shiny

Measuring in at only 110 mm, it is the world's smallest all-in-one water protection device. But don't be fooled by its size or looks.
It is packed with powerful hardware and intelligent software. The CubicSecure includes a valve, a motor, as well as pressure-, temperature- and ultrasonic sensors.

Connect and Protect

Take full control over the device through the app and the smartphone of your choice.
And don't worry if you don't have a smartphone or internet available, the CubicSecure will still protect your home.

Meant to Prevent

The CubicSecure has mind-blowingly accurate leak finding capabilities. If it detects any leak, it will immediately stop the flow through its built-in motor and valve system. Your insurance company is going to love this.

The Simplest Water Leak Detector

The CubicDetector was designed for simplicity.
It alarms when in contact with water, tracks the surrounding temperature and the relative humidity.

Smartphone app and Dashboard

Recap with the App

Designed to help you understand your specific consumption. And with the smartphone app, you’ve got new tools to help you keep track of what’s important.

Notification Station

Receive leak alarms immediately when they occur.

Save yourself from expensive water damages by acting before it’s too late.

Knowledge is Power

Several studies show constant drops in consumption, if you start metering water and become aware. This translates to decreased carbon dioxide emissions as well. Compare yourself with others and reach your personal sustainability goals with the app.

"I have had a CubicSecure installed through my insurance company and it has already made me aware of a leaking toilet (10l/h) and a toilet that sometimes hangs up the flush button and wastes around 200l/h until it is poked (changing the flush button this weekend). Very satisfied user 🙂 If I had had this already last summer, it would have also saved a couple of cubic meters when we were away over the weekend and a garden hose with pressure came loose at one end."
Jonas Högström
"It's exciting with this type of new technology. With this system, our tenants and we as property owners will get a better understanding of our consumption and maybe in this way we can help our tenants to live more sustainably."
Magnus Jägre
Client - IT & Sustainability manager