3600 kr

Non-invasive water & leakage monitor
  • Eliminates the need for ultrasonic gel, which dries out quickly
  • Up to 98 % accuracy & MID/OIML R-49 Compliant
  • Up to 10 years battery life
  • No plumbing required
  • Plug & Play installation with low maintenance
  • Compatible with 15 – 25 mm, chromed/unchromed copper, plastic and multi-layered pipes
  • Leakage detection down to >1 l/h
  • Wireless communication using 868MHz LoRaWAN or Wireless M-Bus

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Turn on Clamp-on

The CubicMeter was made to be unparalleled in all aspects. The sensor leverages ultrasonic vibrations for non-invasive metering and extreme installation speed.

It's Exact and that's a Fact

Having gone through and passed some of the world's most exhaustive regulatory tests - this unit is a true specimen. You can expect accuracies up to 98 %.

Leaks and consumption, easily Quandified.

One size fits all

Plastic or copper pipes? It currently works with plastic pipes only, including multi-layered plastic pipes. The CubicMeter fits on pipes with outer diameters between 15 - 26 mm.
Truly wireless with a battery life of up to 10 years and connectivity through radio communication.

Wireless communication

For communication the device needs to be within LoRaWAN or Wireless M-bus coverage. If there is no existing coverage, you can purchase a generic LoRaWAN gateway of your choice, compatible with The Things Network (TTN).


Quandify Platform – App & Portal

By using Quandify’s platform, you can manage and visualise data in the web dashboard and let your tenants follow up their consumption using the app.


Installation Video Guide

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 8.7 × 4.0 × 7.9 mm
Model number:



3.6 VDC Li/SOCl2, non-replaceable, up to 10 years

Max flow rate:

3 125 l/h

Small leak detection:

>1-9 l/h over several days (Only using Quandify platform)

Medium leak detection:

>10 l/h for at least 40 min

Large detection:

>1500 l/h for at least 5 min

Sampling frequency:

1 Hz

Storage conditions:

5°C … 55°C


5°C … 30°C, indoor usage (B, E1)

Water temperature:

0.1°C … 70°C (T70)

Wireless protocol:

LoRaWAN + Wireless M-Bus

Wireless M-bus protocol:

Wireless M-Bus (868MHz, C1, format A)

Wireless LoRaWAN:

EU868MHz (SF12 for RX2), 1.0.2-revB, OTAA

LoRaWAN data resolution:

1 hour (more frequent interval can be enabled through different subscription)

Pipe material version:

Plastic pipes, Metal pipes

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