Non-invasive water & leakage monitor
  • Eliminates the need for ultrasonic gel, which dries out quickly
  • Up to 98 % accuracy & MID/OIML R-49 Compliant
  • Up to 10 years battery life
  • No plumbing required
  • Plug & Play installation with low maintenance
  • Compatible with 15 – 26 mm multi-layered & plastic pipes
  • Drip & leakage detection
  • Wireless communication



According to studies, implementation of individual metering decreases the water consumption with approximately 30%. For a normal average family that decrease not only water consumption, but also carbon dioxide emissions and possible leakage costs.

Labtrino AB has developed an intelligent platform for Smart Water Security, enabling cost efficient sub-metering and leakage detection. The platform utilises machine learning to break down water usage data into outlets from a single, patented, non-invasive sensor. In our smartphone app, tenants then receive individually tailored nudges on how to efficiently lower usage, without sacrificing comfortability.

The unique design of the CubicMeter allows it to be installed on existing pipes in the span between 15 – 26 mm of outside diameter, and a range of different materials.


CubicMeter Cloud Service – App & Portal

By using Labtrinos Cloud Service, you can manage and visualise data in the web dashboard and let your tenants follow up their consumption using the app.


Installation Video Guide


Additional information

Weight0.3 kg
Dimensions8.7 × 4.0 × 7.9 cm
Model number:


Max flow rate:

4000 l/h

Drip detection:

<4 l/h (alerted wirelessly only)

Leak detection:

>4 l/h for at least 70 min

Burst detection:

>200 l/h first least 35 min

Wireless protocol:

Labtrino Protocol & Wireless M-Bus (C1, format A)

Infrared pulse output:

1 pulse per litre



Request W-MBus encryption keys: