Introducing, the CubicSecure.

A Powerful Water Manager

The CubicSecure was designed for an easy installation and operation experience.

44 smartphone

Smartphone application

Monitor real-time flow rate and leak status. Toggle the water on or off through the smartphone of your choice, from anywhere in the world.

135 settings

Manual override

In case of power- or internet outage, the valve is manually operable. And the device still protects your property without WiFi-connectivity, so you can get a break by not having to worry about water leaks anywhere.


Play & play installation

Thanks to its extremely compact design, it is up to 1/5 of the size of similar products. This feature allows it to be installed in even the tiniest of spaces, without any problem.

Leak and micro-leakage detection

The CubicSecure detects all kinds of leaks, with instant shut off capability for the ultimate home protection. Alarms are immediately sent to admins and tenants.

Wireless connectivity and synchronised pairing

The device has WiFi and LoRa connectivity. This enables the device to be paired with other CubicSecures for dual protection, or other smart units to cover your entire home from potential water damages.

Designed and made in Sweden

As a high quality product, no aspect of this unit has been compromised. It is designed and assembled in Sweden.

CubicSecure inspires with its compact, reduced design and offers a wealth of smart functions to protect the home from water damage.
The CubicSecure senses water

Track your water

You can check the temperature and water flow, or take a pressure test anytime, anywhere.

The CubicSecure puts more water insights in sight.

Designed to fit

We have conducted tons of research to pack this much technology into a device that is only 110 mm wide.

Unlike other solutions, you can expect the CubicSecure to fit in many more places.

69 shield check

Protects tirelessly

The CubicSecure works around the clock for you to feel safe about your belongings.

No one cares as much about your home's safety as the CubicSecure, and that's for sure.

Why wait? Don't you think it's about time to secure your home?