CubicDetector Extension Sensor

CD with accessory

Introducing, the CubicDetector Accessory.

Accessory for the Water Leak Detector

The CubicDetector was designed for an simplicity.
With its click-on accessory, its reach can be extended even further.

Easy-to-click on

The CubicDetector's reach can be increased within seconds using the click-on attachment and water sensing probe. No additional software is necessary.

Wall mountable base

The click-on attachment allows the CubicDetector to be mounted on walls using a self-adhesive sticker, or wall mount screws. It can also simply placed close to the area of water leak monitoring, without the need to mount it on a wall.

Long cord, low profile probe

The length of the leak sensor cable is 1.2 meters. The probe has a diameter of 27 mm and a height of only 8 mm. Talk about tiny!

Why wait? Extend your CubicDetector's reach now!