About Us

About us

Our Vision

Quandify develops an intelligent water meter system for residential property owners that enables sub-metering cost-efficiently. The company’s platform uses machine learning to break down water usage data into outlets and diagnoses an entire homes water and hot water energy usage from a single, patented, non-invasive sensor. In our smartphone app, tenants then receive individually tailored nudges on how to efficiently lower usage, without sacrificing comfortability. The result is an up to 40 % decrease in water usage on average, and as a result, an energy usage reduction of 8 - 16 %, paving the way for a more sustainable and aware public and private residential real estate industry.


"It's exciting with this type of new technology. With this system, our tenants and we as property owners will get a better understanding of our consumption and maybe in this way we can help our tenants to live more sustainably."
Magnus Jägre
Client - IT & Sustainability manager