Quandify Platform

Visualize and control your Quandify devices using our platform, to gain knowledge about the property’s water usage and leakage status.


  • View consumption data via our web portal or mobile app
  • Let sub-users/tenants view their own consumption and leakages via mobile app
  • Leakage notifications
  • Integrate to existing systems via REST API
  • One subscription per meter

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Smartphone app and Dashboard

Recap with the App

Designed to help you understand your specific consumption. And with the smartphone app, you’ve got new tools to help you keep track of what’s important.

Notification Station

Receive leak alarms immediately when they occur.

Save yourself from expensive water damages by acting before it’s too late.

Knowledge is Power

Several studies show constant drops in consumption, if you start metering water and become aware. This translates to decreased carbon dioxide emissions as well. Compare yourself with others and reach your personal sustainability goals with the app.