Intelligent and simplest water leak detector

  • Smart water leak alarm
  • Extremely compact
  • Plug-and-Play installation
  • Detects leakages, measures temperature and relative humidity
  • Alarms for frostbite and mold risk

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CubicDetector – the simplest water leak detector. 

The Smart Leak Detector is a sensor that can be placed anywhere in your home to detect moisture, extreme temperatures, or high humidity and alert you through a smartphone of your choice to prevent water damage and mold growth. It is a standalone device that does not require any additional equipment to function. If connected through WiFi, it can be paired with CubicSecures to shut water off. 


Next generation of water safety

Notifies you in real-time through your smartphone if a water leakage occurs.

Battery driven with up to 3 years battery life

The CubicDetector has highly optimised hardware and software that allows for its battery life to extend to up to three years. It is driven with a CR123A battery and is easily exchanged when necessary. Battery is included.

Other functionalities

The CubicDetector comes packed with functionality. Its reachability can however be extended through the specially designed click-on extension and cord. This allows unwanted water leaks to be detected in extremely tight spaces.  The accessory is not included and is purchased separately.

CD with accessory

Authorized distributors

Sweden, Norway and Finland


Additional information

Weight 0.09 kg
Dimensions 67 × 67 × 25 mm
Leakage detection:

When in physical contact with water on the underside of the device, or on the extension cord's probe. The water has to be in contact with the golden pins.


Diameter: 67 mm, height: 25 mm



Temperature sensing accuracy:


Humidity range:

0 – 100 % RH


Humidity accuracy:

± 5 %

Sound level:

85 dB

Replaceable battery:

CR123A lithium cell, up to 3 years battery life*

*The battery life depends on the total duration of which the device is in active Wi-Fi mode and alarm mode.