Introducing, the CubicMeter

Track your water

Follow your consumption from anywhere in the world.

Receive the information you need through the smartphone of your choice.

Unique deisgn

Our patented technology enables this beast to be installed effortlessly. All you need to do is to find the pipe on which it should be installed.

Unlike other solutions, you can install this all by yourself without any previous knowledge or expertise.

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Protects tirelessly

The CubicMeter is constantly looking out for leaks so that you can safe.

You can think of the CubicMeter as a fire alarm, but for leaks; it is an absolute necessity for the modern home.

The CubicMeter is
44 smartphone

Smartphone application

Monitor real-time flow rate and leak status. Have full control over your water through the smartphone of your choice, from anywhere in the world.

135 settings

Astounding battery life

With one of the market's highest quality batteries built-in, and world class energy optimisation, the CubicMeter 2.0 has an estimated lifetime of 10 years. That is the longest battery time of any CubicMeter.


Play & play installation

Thanks to the groundbreaking measuring technology and the patented design, the CubicMeter can be installed in less than a minute. No plumber needed. It's just as easy to install as your fire alarm, and just as useful.

Leak and micro-leakage detection

The CubicMeter detects all kinds of leaks, with instant alarms sent to both admins and tenants, for the ultimate home protection. Your home and insurance company are going to love you.

Wireless connecivity

The device has LoRaWAN, LoRa and Wireless Mbus connectivity. This enables secure long range communication and compatibility with existing systems. Retro-fitting has never been easier.

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No gel, glue or grease

Eliminates the need for any ultrasonic gel or couplant that otherwise dries out quickly.

A Device Unlike Any Other

The CubicMeter was made to disrupt. Designed for an unparalleled installation speed and operation experience.

Disaggregation of data

Receive detailed information down to every outlet, through the utilisation of our powerful machine learning algorithms.

One design for multiple pipes

The CubicMeter 2.0 currently works for PEX, PVC, AluPEX, chromed and unchromed copper between 15 - 26 mm in outer diameter.