Introducing, the CubicDetector.

The Simplest Water Leak Detector

The CubicDetector was designed for simplicity.
It alarms when in contact with water, tracks the surrounding temperature and the relative humidity.

44 smartphone

Smartphone application

Monitor the sneakiest of leaks, the temperature and relative humidity through the smartphone of your choice, from anywhere in the world.

CubicDetector + CubicSecure = true

If you have a CubicSecure and a CubicDetector, you can pair them so that the CubicDetector triggers to shut off the water supply when a leak is detected. The ultimate pair, for your home's safety.


Super small design

Its compact design and accessories (not included) allows CubicDetector to be placed in even the tiniest of spaces, without any problem.


Leak detection

The CubicDetector sends a wireless alarm and makes sound when it gets in physical contact with water. If it has been connected to WiFi, its alarms are immediately sent to admins and residents.

Wireless connectivity and synchronised pairing

The device has WiFi connectivity. This enables the device to be paired with other CubicSecures for an even broader protection from potential water damages.

Temperature and Relative Humidity sensing

One should not underestimate the feature of temperature and relative humidity sensing. The device can alert if the surrounding temperature drops to levels that could cause pipe freeze and thereby cracks in water pipes. If the relative humidity is too high, it could be the perfect environment for hazardous mold growth.

The CubicDetector senses

Track your temperature and humidity

You can check the temperature and relative humidity anytime and anywhere.

The more CubicDetectors you have, the better you are protected.

Designed to fit

With its tiny design, you expect the device to fit pretty much anywhere. Diameter: 67 mm
Height: 25 mm There are also accessories (not included) to further extend its detection capabilities into the tiniest of spaces.

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Protects around the clock

The CubicDetector has a battery life of up to three years.

This is achieved through highly optimised hardware and software.

Extend CubicDetector's reach with its accessory

The CubicDetector’s reach can be extended using this easy-to-click-on accessory. With an even smaller probe, it can fit in even more places and protect your property in the hardest to reach spaces.
Why wait? Don't you think it's about time to secure your home?