LK and Labtrino commence collaboration and launch next-generation water meter – CubicMeter

This new and unique water meter uses patented technology and is assembled on the outside of the pipe, which creates positive effects in terms of both time and cost. The company and the technology are the result of research conducted at KTH and aim to create increased awareness of water consumption. In addition to this collaboration, LK is also becoming a part-owner of Labtrino. 

Labtrino develops intelligent systems related to water metering and designed for use by property companies, among others. The use of machine learning and artificial intelligence facilitates cost-effective metering and also helps to improve a company’s environmental footprint by delivering an intelligent and affordable system for reduced water and energy consumption.

“Through the collaboration and partnership with LK, we are gaining access to a market-leading company with relevant knowledge and experience and a team that shares our vision”, says Ramtin Massoumzadeh, CEO and co-founder of Labtrino.

For LK, this collaboration and investment is entirely in line with the company’s vision, future and sustainability measures.

“We are proud of this collaboration. At LK we strive to achieve continuous development and to create smart and sustainable products and systems that simplify our customers’ everyday activities, now and in the future. The collaboration with Labtrino is a perfect example of this and is only the first step in the development of new solutions together”, says Michael Söderberg, CEO of LK Systems.

The inspiration for CubicMeter originates from Labtrino’s identification of a number of challenges within the property sector with regard to water consumption, including a lack of awareness of people’s overconsumption of millions of litres of water each year. Due to a lack of simple installations, the water cost is based on living area rather than the amount of water consumed. Consequently, current methods within the sector penalise residents who are thrifty with their water usage and benefit those who consume water more freely.

CubicMeter addresses many of these challenges. Because the meter is assembled on the outside of the pipe, there is no need to cut the pipes during water meter installations, thus saving both time and money. Furthermore, the system detects water leakage, thus reducing claims for water damage, which cost insurance companies billions of kronor each year in Sweden alone.

“CubicMeter is easy to install, and an app enables tenants to monitor their consumption in real time and to receive individually adapted proposals for how they can effectively reduce their consumption without sacrificing comfort. Consequently, we help residents to reduce both their water and energy consumption, thus paving the way for a more sustainable and aware public and private property sector,” says Thibault Helle, CTO and co-founder of Labtrino.

The system’s functions include the possibility of collecting and analysing data for the creation of knowledge and understanding that result in increased awareness and the possibility of optimisation. According to a number of international studies, increased awareness of their individual water consumption can enable individuals to reduce their water usage by around 30%, which is in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

In addition to the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN, there are also other important aspects to consider. In Europe, requirements are beginning to be imposed for the installation of water meters in every apartment, and in Sweden we will see the introduction of new requirements for IMB (individual metering and billing) of heating and hot water for certain parts of the country’s existing apartment blocks from 2021.

“This product is a perfect fit for our product range and our pipes within PEX and PAL, and it is also in line with our ambition to broaden our product portfolio and follow the needs of the market. Labtrino possesses a unique technology which we find interesting, and they are at the forefront of developments within IoT. It is a comprehensive platform with a high level of technological development that fits in well with our ambition of continuing to develop and broaden our range of connected products*,” says Fredrik Svensson, Business Development Manager at LK Systems.

* LK Room Temperature Regulation and LK Water Safety System are currently available as connected products.

For more information, please contact:
Michael Söderberg, CEO, LK Systems
+46 8 506 851 17

Ramtin Massoumzadeh, CEO and co-founder, Labtrino
+46 76 568 70 92

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Labtrino develops intelligent systems for flow metering. The company is the result of research conducted at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and uses patented technology in combination with artificial intelligence and machine learning to design tomorrow’s intelligent metering systems.

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